Tutor’s Profile

Tutor’s Profile

Kean Yan Fong – Academic Coordinator

Kean graduated from University of Malaya with Master of Economics. He obtained his teaching permit in 2011  and started to teach Economics and Business since then. His enormous teaching experience in colleges and universities enables students to build a solid fundamental before entering to a university. One of the biggest achievements of Kean is – students scored 67% of A/A* in his first year of teaching! 

Amelia Chow – Mathematics and Chemistry Tutor

Amelia Chow graduated from Singapore Management University with a Bachelor of Business Management degree, majoring in Finance and Marketing. Prior to that, she obtained distinctions in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Chinese language, Geography Elective and Social Studies in the GCE O levels as well as distinctions in Mathematics, Chemistry and Economics in the GCE A levels. She has been a part time tutor since 2006, helping students improve and achieve excellence in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics in Singapore. Her teaching style is open and approachable, adopting more of an inquiry-based teaching method, customising the classes to the students’ specific needs. She enjoys interacting with her students and takes joy in seeing her students make vast improvements from when they first joined her classes. Besides imparting her knowledge, she also hopes to be a good role model to her students.

Andrew Bonner – English and IELTS Tutor

AJ’s served as an English Tutor in China for about 5 years prior to joining Kreem Academy. His future intent is to attain appropriate accreditation to continue what he knows he is great at – teaching English as a second language.

Vacchio Liu – Mathematics and Physics Tutor

Vacchio Liu was graduated from Taylors College and he achieved First Awards in Physics and Mathematics (with Calculus). He is currently studying Engineering degree at The University of Auckland and he is an experienced tutor who is passionate to help students to achieve their academic goals. He can definitely boost your confidence in studies and push you to move forward!

Monique Liang – Chemistry Tutor

I am a laboratory technician and I have a keen interest in the cosmetic industry.  Before graduating from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Science (Hon) in Chemistry, I tutored a number of undergraduate programs and high school students. I studied NCEA and I am very familiar with the assessments and exams techniques required in both internal and external exams. I can speak not only English but also Mandarin and Cantonese when I teach.

Ada Wang – English/ IELTS/ NZCEL Tutor

I always believe in the words “the limits of my language are the limits of my world” from the Master of Language Philosophy- Ludwig Wittgenstein. English learning is not just to achieve English fluency. It’s more about broaden leaners’ horizons. My great passion is to bring English learners to a fun world with reflection, practice and context immersion on a consistent basis, and so expand their limits.

I know no single teaching approach is suitable for every individual, and I’ve been gaining my professionalism in a wide range of learning theories and pedagogy including Universal Design for Learning (UDL), blended learning as well as Kaupapa Māori to introduce flexibility into my classroom.

My educational background includes a Master Degree in Education
specialized in Language Teaching. I also have double bachelor degrees in
both Geography and English Language and Literature. Enjoy your learning journey with me! you are on the right path!

Michael – Biology Tutor

From the very beginning when I first arrived New Zealand, “I English no speak” but it does not stop me from chasing my dream – to study Biotech in The University of Auckland. It is not easy to study Biology especially for us, non-native English speakers. Well there are challenges that we need to overcome. Not to worry! I will always be here to help and guide you, together we will conquer all your fears and difficulties yet find out the fun in Biology!